WatchmeSports provides a platform for online streaming that opens an additional channel of revenue through production of events. Our production software, Quickpay9, provides anyone, the tools needed to execute a professional TV production - instant replay, slow-motion, multiple sources for cameras, graphics, etc. After a demonstrational broadcast under the supervision of our veteran production team, anybody with a video camera, computer and access to a broadband internet connection will be ready to be a producer. For those who already invest so much time in these events, this is an exciting way to participate and generate an income at the same time!

*There is a charge for CDN network publishing points

Revenue is generated from advertisements and PayWatch™ charges to view the event. This revenue is shared 50/50 by WatchmeSports and the producers of the viewed content. WatchmeSports processes all payments and revenue earned from viewers of the content and transfers the producer’s share of that revenue to the producer’s bank account through the banking ACH system within 3-5 days of completion of the event. All content generated from these broadcasts remains the property of the producer and can be removed at any time by the producer. This collaboration of services and content gives producers and communities a unique and powerful fund raising tool capable of monetizing any community event.