Quickstream provides the producer with the ability to manage 6 video sources at one time. These sources can be in the form of attached cameras, either direct firewire, USB or wireless IP Cameras, redirected video streams from remote URL addresses, local videos or a playlist of videos and images. The wireless IP cameras can be placed anywhere within a 700 foot radius. Quickstream supports direct switching or software mixing for rapid switching between any of these sources giving the audience a TV like experience. Within the software switching mode Quickstream provides instant replay, graphic overlays, and the posting of a team’s roster and their stats during live play. By identifying a team’s roster you allow family, friends and relatives to look up broadcasts by a contestant’s name

It all begins with a producer downloading and installing QuickPay from our website at watchmesports.com. During this installation process a producer will also setup an account on WatchmeSports and submit a publishing point request to our support team as well as install Windows Media Encoder. Once we vet out the request and confirm the identity of the requestor, a publishing point is created on our Windows Media Server. Then we notify the new producer that they are ready to broadcast.

QuickPay is tightly integrated with the data on our WatchmeSports Server allowing the producer to define a sporting event within QuickPay and then by logging onto the Server through QuickPay can post that event information for viewing by the public. The producer of the event has complete control of content controlling how that information is viewed. All of this is supported by our back office software that we use to handle payments, transfers, refunds, publishing points and bulk emails.

Currently, there are more than 240 producers spread out all over the country using QuickPay to put on all sorts of other competitive rodeo events. Some of these producers post their events to WatchmeSports.com for the purpose of taking online registrations. Over the past 6 years QuickPay has been used to produce over 8,000 events and our back office payment system has processed in excess of 36,000 transactions handling contestant payments and the transfer of funds to each producer. Our direct ACH interface to Frost Bank’s Cash Management system provides us with the ability to internally process registrations, ad payments and refunds. Everything is managed automatically by our back office system and processed daily eliminating any need for schools to worry about collecting or refunding money to advertisers. We have spent a tremendous amount of time engineering a solution that is simple to use, seamless from end to end, and able to scale easily with demand.