Written at the family ranch of the developer, John Howell, in the Deep Canyons of Montana, our Quickpay9 software was originally designed for online streaming and accounting of rodeos. Since its introduction in 2002, it has been used to produce over 8,000 rodeo events and process in excess of 56,000 monetary transactions. Hundreds of rodeo directors continue to use our web site and software to organize and broadcast their events all over the country.

Working over 1,000 miles away from his home in Fort Worth, John Howell was hit with the reality that families are more decentralized than ever before. Under the simple concept of bringing our children’s sports to family, friends, and relatives all over the world, in 2009, Deep Canyon Software, LLC expanded its on-line services under the web site name of www.watchmesports.com


Today, WatchmeSports, LLC is an internet service provider and software company that provides all organizers of sporting events, plays, dance recitals, etc, the ability to stream live to the internet at www.watchmesports.com. Where family, friends, and relatives cannot possibly make every single event their loved ones participate in, we present this exciting new solution. And since our web site saves the broadcasts as it streams, these archived events can be watched at your convenience.

Our live broadcasts are made possible through a unique relationship between WatchmeSports.com and independent producers that are physically at the events controlling the footage. What the producers film, moves through WatchmeSports’s software, then to our server space in Dallas, and finally to www.watchmesports.com. This whole process takes less than 45 seconds.

Our production software provides anyone willing to take advantage of our free training the tools needed to execute a professional TV production - instant replay, slow-motion, multiple sources for cameras, graphics, etc. With one demonstration and one first hand broadcast under the supervision of our veteran production team, anyone with a video camera, computer, and access to broadband internet is ready to be a producer. For those who already invest so much time in these events, this is an exciting way to participate and generate an income at the same time!

Revenue is generated from advertisements and Paywatch™ charges to view the event. This revenue is shared 50/50 by WatchmeSports and the producers of the viewed content. All content generated from these broadcasts remains the property of the producer and can be removed at any time by the producer. This collaboration of services and content gives producers and communities a unique and powerful fund raising tool capable of monetizing any community event.

Advertisers have an amazing opportunity to be seen by national or hyperlocal audiences through WatchmeSports.com. Businesses can upload their own video ads with ease on our website or have our WatchmeSports ad specialist generate a customized video ad for them. By advertising on WatchmeSports.com, local businesses have the power to reach potential customers in their specific zip code or zip codes at a price point that is extremely affordable to them. On top of the immediate increase in business from advertising on WatchmeSports.com, local businesses will also strengthen their image as a supporter of their community.