Share your events and adopt others on the WatchmeSports Network. Our Embedded Player has the ability to share every event streamed with our solution. The event organizer simply sets what percentage they would like to share with websites rebroadcasting their event. For example, if I’m streaming a sanctioned Tae Kwando tournament in Dallas, other websites using the Embedded Player around the country can broadcast my event for the percentage (say 20%) I offer them. Now club owners using the Embedded Player (club owners on the WatchmeSports Network) can easily promote my event in Dallas to their respective Tae Kwando communities in L.A., Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Miami, etc. They easily earn some income from my tournament while I earn extra income from interested viewers all over the country that I would have never been able to reach. The whole pie grows and everyone on the WatchmeSports Network benefits!

  - Make exponentially more money by reaching tens, hundreds, thousands more viewers  
  - Earn easy revenue by simply letting your community know what’s on your site  

The WatchmeSports embedded player is easy to use, visually pleasing and can be customized to fit perfectly into your existing website. If people are watching content on your player, you are earning extra income. It’s that simple.

- Broadcast your Events through your website
- Upload your own action videos
- Join a Channel that features your organizations interests OR create your own
- Broadcast other events and earn a percentage of the proceeds

Baseball facilities, basketball facilities, martial arts tournament directors, boxing tournament directors, and all other tournament organizers we have developed an easy and inexpensive way for you to broadcast your events live to the internet and earn extra income from the viewership.

Whether you are producing a season of tournaments or a single event using the WatchmeSports streaming solution, you can broadcast it on your organizations website. Appropriately positioned graphic of embedded player. 75% of the proceeds from viewership are automatically deposited in your bank account.

  Not producing an event? Install the free embedded player on your website and earn income rebroadcasting events you choose on the WatchmeSports Network.  
    rebroadcast the next big tournament your students compete in!  
    rebroadcast great bouts from around the country!  
    parents can watch their kids through the team website and part of the proceeds go back to the team!  
Learn more about the WatchmeSports Network by clicking here.

Upload Your Promo Video and have everyone that visits your site see it. After embedding the free player have your video online for you community to see in 3 easy clicks! Feature what you want people to see with the features tab, you can highlight your favorite events and uploaded videos separately from the full list of events available to visitors on your site.