Use the WatchmeSports Streaming Solution to broadcast your next tournament or event live to the world. Its easy AND it earns you money!

WatchmeSports has developed a state of the art streaming solution that allows anyone with zero production experience to make a quality broadcast at a variety of venues. Typically producers are event organizers such as Combat Brands or facility owners such Cal Ripken Baseball, but literally any parent, sports fan, or entrepreneur can stream their interests with the WatchmeSports streaming solution.


QuickPay9 is the best streaming technology on the market because it was designed specifically to manage sporting events. Key features of QuickPay9 include:

  - Dislplay names of teams and competitors - Keep stats for the tournament
  - Up to 6 camera angles - Real time accounting
  - Run live advertising - Print reports
  - Zoom in/out - Instant replay

Each competitor at your tournament or event has multiple family members and friends that are not able to attend that can now pay to watch live or on-demand from their home and office computers. Typically, the more the competitors the larger the potential audience equates to the more revenue you can generate. Download our free Embedded Player and vested viewers can pay to watch through your organization’s website. Since you are providing the content, WatchmeSports offers you an unmatched 75% of the revenues generated. With the proper streaming equipment, you can start streaming and earning a large new revenue source today!

Call (817) 371-7450 for a free consultation to learn what it takes to easily put together a quality broadcast that family and friends will gladly pay to see.


Each stream requires its own streaming equipment. Our veteran production team has spent two years at hundreds of event with 1000’s of hours streaming; in order to provide the highest quality, inexpensive streaming solution for our producers. Every market sector or sport is first tested and then developed into a recommended streaming kit. For instance, if you are a baseball complex owner, you would want streaming equipment for each field at your complex so every game of a tournament is covered. Our software is customizable to make your broadcast as elaborate or simplistic as the occasion requires. Use up to 6 camera angles and add an announcer’s microphone with software for mixing for a high quality prime time event OR use a single camera with ambient microphone to easily provide viewers with a pleasant viewing experience.



- Laptop/ PC computer with minimum 1.6GHz Windows 7 processor with minimum 1gig Ram and 100 GB hard drive
- Web camera with USB connection and built in microphone
- Extra USB connection cable
- Camera stand /Tri-pod (using a Light Stand (LS-2) is light-weight and portable




- Laptop/ PC computer with minimum 1.6GHz dual core with Windows 7 processor and minimum 1gig Ram and 100 GB hard drive
- SecurCon – Ivigil IP camera with lens
- PoE Switcher or PoE injector
- Cat 5E Patch Cable
- Ambient Microphone with USB adapter
- Camera stand /Tri-pod (using a Light Stand (LS-2) is light-weight and portable with Universal Adapter Shoe