WatchmeSports (WMS) is a broadcasting network that provides event management and streaming services to sports producers of amateur sporting events. This is a subscription-based service that allows family, friends and relatives to watch all of their children’s games right over their own devices for a low monthly subscription of $9. Not only can they watch their own children, but they can watch any other tournament broadcasted on the WatchmeSports network for the same monthly subscription.

All of this is made possible by providing amateur sports producers with software and inexpensive camera solutions for streaming their tournaments. Each sport requires its own engineered streaming solution that is integrated into our event management software solutions that are used to run the event. This provides subscribers with the ability to not only watch an event, but also follow all the logistics of the event, such as draws, drags, standings and results. Contestants and teams can use their devices to register and pay online without the hassle of printing and filling out a form, writing a check, and mailing them to the producer, which lends itself to transposition errors and mistakes.

The biggest obstacle any streaming solution faces is the marketing of their streams. Unless a producer can contact and notify interested parties about their event they will end up streaming to dead air. Online registrations provide the producer the emails it needs to begin marketing their streams through revenue sharing incentives like PayTeam and TeamWatch. PayTeam allows a producer to post packages for sale that include multiple licenses for teams at a discounted price. For example, a baseball team of 12 players could buy a 12 user PayTeam license that can be passed out to other members of their family. A $30 PayTeam license would allow a grandparent to watch their grandchild's game for a one time charge of $2.50. TeamWatch on the other hand allows the Team Mom to promote the streaming of a tournament by contacting family, friends and relatives and have them specify which Team they are interested in watching. A percentage of the tournament receipts is paid to the Team Mom to use as she see's fit. It's a unique revenue sharing opportunity for the team.

A Little History

Since 2003 WatchmeSports has been manufacturing software that Barrel Racing producers use to produce their own barrel racing events. There have been over 20,000 events run over the past 15 years using QuickPay and QuickStream. Between 2010 and 2014, WatchmeSports streamed over 50,000 baseball games, 10,000 boxing and martial arts matches. While we streamed a lot of content during that period viewership was insufficient to support the cost of maintaining that content. The primary reason was because we did not provide our producers with the proper marketing tools. So we shut down operations until we could figure out a better way to market these streams.


After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, a new plan to move forward was devised. In June of 2016, we decided to go back to our roots, back to Barrel Racing. WatchmeSports was relaunced, because even though the streaming model failed to produce profits we still possessed the best designed product on the market. Now it's even better, re-worked and completely automated. Part of this automated solution includes the development of our phone app that contestants can use to register and track the status of a race. Now, when a producer streams their races they will have all the participant's contact information and will therefore be able to inform their family and friends about the streaming of the race.