QuickPay9 Extremely Powerful

1. Totally Integrated from Producer to Contestant
2. Online registration thru the WatchmeSports app
3. Contestant pays their own processing fees
4. When downloading registrations, run lists are built automatically
5. Post Draws, Standings and Results
6. Payouts processed online
7. Full Accounting

Cost Effective

1. $30/mo subscription for QuickPay and QuickStream
2. No credit card fees for online registrations
3. Pay only $2/ACH payout payment

Run Your Race in a Smooth and Orderly Fashion

1. Define and post event to WatchmeSports
2. Download registrations, automatically build run lists
3. Generate and post draws
4. Run race, while connected to FarmTek Timer
5. No money changes hands
6. All registrations and payouts done through ACH
7. Complete accounting system built-in

Note: Currently QuickPay only supports Barrel Racing, Gymkhana, Pole bending and timed events such as these. In the near future QuickPay will be able to facilitate Team Ropings, Sortings and Pennings. Baseball and other bracketing tournaments will be ready by this summer (2018).