QuickPay9 Overview

Competitions are all about registering contestants, building run lists, taking times or recording scores and generating payouts and writing checks. To streamline that process, QuickPay provides the producer the ability to post race classes to the WatchmeSports server where contestants using their WatchmeSports phone apps can view, select and pay for those classes they want to run in. WatchmeSports processes the payments and transfers the payment to your bank account through ACH. Since we charge each contestant a processing fee, you the producer don’t have any payment processing fees. When you download your events transactions from WatchmeSports, the registrations are used to build run lists and the transactions are recorded in the General Journal. When the races are over and payouts have been generated you can pay everyone by uploading the checks to the server where they will be ACH’d to each contestants bank account. The whole time no-one ever touches any cash or checks, and you the producer are never charged any payment processing fees.