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What do I need to produce a baseball tournament?

The first thing you will need to do is download and install QuickPay9 on your server computer.

The you need to buy a streaming solution for each field you want to stream. We provide single or 4 field streaming kits. Each kit contains a wireless IP Camera, an all weather laptop with QuickStream9 already configured to receive streaming from the camera. In the case of a 4 camera setup a Verison JetPack is included. 

When will the streaming solution for Barrel Racing be ready?

2nd Qtr 2019

How do I suspend or reactivate my subscriptions?

All account holders whether they are a producer, a contestant or a viewer can suspend or re-activate a subscription on any device that they have previously registered. This is handled for producers through the Setup section in QuickPay9 and in the Subscription section of the mobile app.

When a device is registered the first 30 days is free. After that 30 day trial period the subscriber is prompted for billing information and then billed at the monthly subscription rate for the application. If a device is suspended then it will not be billed in the next billing cycle.

Can I stream thru my own phone?

Yes! If the producer of an event grants you the right to stream then you can join the event and stream from your own phone.

WatchmeSports Refund Policy

WatchmeSports is not the producer of the events that are seen on our network. We are just a service provider that facilitates payment transactions for each of our content providers. All monies collected on behalf of the producer are immediately forwarded to the producer. Any refunds that you feel you are owed should be requested directly from the producer. 

What is WatchmeSports?

WatchmeSports is a subscription based amateur sports broadcasting network. We do not produce sporting events, we provide the software and streaming hardware to sports directors and producers who do produce these sporting events.  We also act as the payment processor for these producers as well as the data warehousing and streaming bandwidth needed to stream a game or match.

What happens if a sporting event gets cancelled or postponed?

Since we are not the one putting on an event the contestant, coach or family member watching or playing in the event must direct on questions to the producer directly. All money we collect for registrations and Paywatch are ACH'd directly to the producer and any refunds or other complaints should be provided by the producer.

Do I have to use QuickPay9 and QuickStream9 to stream live?


Any subscriber of the WatchmeSports app can create their own event from the main events listing page. Then they can identify all those they want to allow to stream to their event. If you are the owner of the event then you can stream from your phone directly. If you are someone that has been included in the join listing then you can join the event like a contestant.

What do you use QuickPay9 for?

QuickPay9 is the back office application used for creating and defining events. Take on-line registrations, generate draws and drags, compute standings, generate results and payouts. Process ACH payments and generate checks while automatically keeping up with all of your accounting enabling you to generate Income Statements and Balance Sheets.

It's also used to email market all of your contestants.

What is QuickStream9 used for?

QuickStream9 is tightly integrated with QuickPay9 and is used to score races, games and matches during the event. It's also a video production solution that allows scores and times to be displayed on the stream in real-time.

QuickStream9 provides multiple scoring interfaces depending on the type of event you are running. There is a Time Manager for electronic timers, a Run Manager for races with lots of contestants running at the same time. There is a Score Manager for judged events and a Game Manager for bracketed events. 

What kind of events can WatchmeSports handle?

WatchmeSports provides logistical support for all kinds of Timed, Judged and Bracketed events. Using QuickPay9 a producer can run multiple classes with multiple rounds each with their own gaming criteria, such as the number of competitors in a heat and whether a round is a run list or a bracketed game list. QuickPay9 allows the producer to be extremly creative in the way he sets up his event making the event more fun to compete in.

Can I stream from remote sites and still have it included in the event?


One of the most powerful aspects of using WatchmeSports to stream your events is that each stream can be identified as a subset of a Header Event. Allowing multiple fields in lots of different locations to stream to one event. The viewer just sees all of the streams in one location on their app. All a viewer needs to do to watch a field is select it from the list of fields being streamed.

All the producer needs to do for this to happen is for him to define the Header Event and then on each installation of QuickStream9 create an event and identify the main event as the Header Event in the Edit Event section.

Can school districts use WatchmeSports to make money?

A school district can maintain a single header event that all the schools in the district can attach to. The district defines the Paywatch charge and all the money collected is directed into the bank account the district has on file.

What is PayWatch?

PayWatch is similar to Pay-per-view, but instead of paying every time you want to watch something, PayWatch allows you to pay once and you can return to watch as often as you'd like.

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