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A Stunning and Elegant Streaming Software
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Live Streaming
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Daily Report
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Login Management
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Plan Subscription
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A Stunning and Elegant Streaming Solution
Whether you just want to stream through your phone or you want a more sophisticated scoring and streaming solution with all the bells and whistles, WatchmeSports can provide you with the solution.
Allows you to join an event created by QuickPay9 or a simple event created through the WatchmeSports mobile app. PhoneStream is ideal for getting started right away at a very low cost. It gives parents the ability to stream their kids games and matches through their own phone. The content is still saved under the producers publishing point giving the producer full ownership of the content.
Is a full video production platform that is integrated with QuickPay9 enabling the producer to score games, heats and matches while managing 1 to 6 different video sources. The sources include webcams, IP Cameras, playlists, recordings and even other broadcasts. In addition, there is text and graphic overlays for displaying scoring, standings, brackets and results.
Daily Report -> Accounting
All accounting is maintained for the producer automatically.
Login Management
The administrator can assign different levels of access as well as define specific interfaces for each user.
Subscription Plan
The WatchmeSports mobile app is $9/mo and the full production suite of QuickPay9 and QuickStream9 is only $30/mo. Try all of them out for FREE for 30 days.
QuickPay9 Extremely Powerful
  • Totally Integrated from Producer to Contestant
  • Online registration thru the WatchmeSports app
  • Contestant pays their own processing fees
  • When downloading registrations, run lists are built automatically
  • Post Draws, Standings and Results
  • Payouts processed online
  • Full Accounting
Cost Effective
  • $30/mo subscription for QuickPay and QuickStream
  • No credit card fees for online registrations
  • Pay only $2/ACH payout payment
Run Your Race in a Smooth and Orderly Fashion
  • Define and post event to WatchmeSports
  • Download registrations, automatically build run lists
  • Generate and post draws
  • Run race, while connected to FarmTek Timer
  • No money changes hands
  • All registrations and payouts done through ACH
  • Complete accounting system built-in