Thanks so much for allowing us the opportunity to stream last weekend's baseball playoffs on I spoke with Karl and he mentioned that he had over 800 viewers tune in for the broadcast...Thanks again for the help and we look forward to working with you in the next school year.

JERRY CANTU, Multimedia Specialist
Mansfield Independent School District

Lisa Le, student
...the WatchmeSports program is very amazing in itself... it allows us kids to get used to streaming live, programming it, and putting it all on the internet.

Tim Hood, media instructor
We love the idea... the possibility that a guest speaker could come in, we could stream that live to all the classrooms, then it could also be archived so if a student is absent, he can watch it at another time. The possibilities are endless here…

Matty White, student
I think it's awesome that anybody can watch it at anytime. From what I've heard, everybody likes it so far.

Lizzy Gonzalez, student
It opens up internships and that's how you get into schools.

Jacob Gehring, student
...we can stream live across everyones computer so anyone who can't make it to the game or any live events, they can watch it.

Lisa Le, student
I think it's pretty cool... they can see it from home. And they can watch it later... because they save it as an archive.

Darcy Deupree, media technology instructor
I think a lot of them see a lot of benefits to this possibility... we even got some phone calls, oh, when is it going to be on, we want to watch this...

Brad Ellis, student
Not everybody can make it so they get the chance to go on line and watch their kids receive an award…we did a baseball tournament, and there were parents who were out of town in far cities, that were able to watch it. They can watch it later, cause they save it like as an archive and you can back and watch.